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Rise Up! #69: Jennifer Haglund and Mark Bogard are successful bakers in San Francisco. But they are moving to Michigan to open their own bakery.

The first time I connected with Jennifer Haglund was just after I talked to her boss, Josey Baker, back in episode 55. The next time we swapped emails, I just knew I needed to talk to Jennifer in person.

You see, Jennifer and her partner Mark Bogard are both bakers at Josey Baker Bread, and they are just about ready to strike out on their own, back in Jennifer’s hometown of Ypsilanti, Michigan.

What would tempt two young bakers to leave good jobs at a famous (to the family) bakery in the hotbed of North American sourdough bread? To move way cross country to bring the Good Stuff to a small town in Michigan? I just had to find out.

So the three of us sat down computer to computer and got to know each other better. What resulted was an amazing talk about dreams, local farms, preserving capital, going back home and having a boss that is also a supportive mentor.

I’m rooting for Jennifer and Mark and I know that after you hear them, you will be too.

You can listen to this episode on your favourite podcast app, from the Rise Up! website or using the handy audio player below (here if you’re reading this on email.) Enjoy the show!