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Rise Up! #197 - Amy Corliss, founder of Little Bird Bakeshop in Fort Collins, Colorado

Amy Corliss with two of her bakers, Chloe and Jenn

Amy Corliss between two of her bakers Chloe and Jenn

This week on the podcast I have a fine conversation with Amy Corliss of Little Bird Bakeshop in Fort Collins, Colorado.

I was surprised how much we have in common. Amy grew up in Colorado, and I grew up straight north of Fort Collins (well, 1250km north of her) in Saskatchewan. She went to pastry school in Vancouver, and I have walked past that school when I was in Vancouver. And she runs a lovely bakery and cafe in a 1905 house near her town centre; I would love to sit in that cafe with a coffee and three or four pastries.

Fireplace room at the Little Bird Bakeshop

The Fireplace Room at the Little Bird Bakeshop

In all seriousness, Amy is a delight. Her road in baking hasn't always been smooth, but she met some helpful guides along the way, from the west coast to the east. And when it was time to open her own shop back home, Amy's connection to her family was the difference in turning a dream into reality.

Our conversation travels as well, from her training in Vancouver to the mentors she's met over the years, her recent move to a new, larger location and all the work that entails, and her decision to hire a General Manager (as she calls it, a Partner in Leadership) to help Amy focus on the work she does best.

Amy inspired me, and I know you'll love this conversation.