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Saturday Morning Linkage

It was a stormy, blustery Saturday morning so I had a leisurely lie-about in the apartment. Tried to get caught up on my reading but that is a fool's errand. My blog feed reader is now up to 1650 unread posts, more than I could possibly read, so I did what any normal person would do: I added a few more blogs to the feed.

Lots of noteworthy writers and writing today. Here are the highlights:

  • Let's start with some optimism. Rueben Schade made me smile with a list of Popular Opinions. As usually happens with Rueben's blog, I got caught up on all of his latest posts before moving on. I think I'd quite like him if we met in real life.

  • David Moldawer's Saturday newsletter was a treat, as usual. David writes about writing, but more often than not, he shares personal stories about those critical traits all writers need - resilience and perseverance.

  • All the cool kids are listing their default applications this week, based on a podcast that is now on my listening feed. Alas, most of them are Mac folk, so it doesn't translate, but the aforementioned Rueben is a FreeBSD fellow so I spent a while digging into all sorts of open source alternatives to my Windows apps. Thanks, Rueben.

  • Ernie Smith's Tedium blog is a darn near perfect balance of tech nostalgia, insights and snark. I love it. And as someone who is trying to get perfect 100 Lighthouse scores on this website, the Jell-o in a Sack post hit a perfect bullseye.

  • You'll not find a more minimal blog than This Day's Portion. And every post I read is a direct hit for the developer wannabe in me. This post on how he documented his blog's style sheet is exactly what I needed as I try to make this site look fresh, clean and crisp.

  • Eleventy hit seven million downloads! That's how I power this site and I'm glad I'm not alone.

  • And don't worry if all this web development stuff leaves you cold. Here's a good old manual typewriter post. Well, sort of. Free 'Patrician' font based on a Royal Standard typewriter.