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Second Rise - Teisha Huff

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We're getting some Orange Boot Bakery nostalgia this week.  Because for this Second Rise episode, I'm sharing the talk I had with Teisha Huff in March, 2019. Rise Up! #48

Teisha was a big part of the Golden Years at Orange Boot.  She was our first ever student intern.  Our Head Baker for three years.  And after she left us for greener pastures, she kept working on her game.   She started a sourdough donut pop-up shop and made the best donuts I've ever eaten.  She was the head baker at Night Oven Bakery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and knocked it out of the park their too.

And now, she's back in her home town of Calgary, Alberta hatching a new scheme.  She's going to be heading up the pastry area at a new hip and trendy restaurant that's opening this summer.  Sounds like she'll be doing bread and ice cream too.  Wow!

But for this chat, let's go back in time to a time when a fresh faced, 22 year old new grad decides to move 750km to the Saskatchewan prairies to work at this new fangled Orange Boot Bakery.  What were you thinking Teisha?  Let's find out.

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