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SFBI Day 1: Heaven on Earth!

my first baguettes

The first day was fantastic! I'll post more detail as the week goes on but suffice to say that this is a really special place. We're learning a ton of theory, our hands on work is being scrutinized in great detail, and the equipment is top notch. I've already met some incredibly interesting people, from a hotel chef from Maui to a culinary instructor from Melbourne to an artisan baker from Victoria who's bakery I know a bit about through our travels.

My first baguettes passed the chef's close inspection fairly well today. There is lots for me to improve on in the shaping and scoring department but I was glad that there was sufficient goodness in there too.

Oh and in case you still don't want to be down here too -- we get to take all the bread we make home with us! So I passed out four baguettes in the lobby of the hotel when I got back and ate one for supper. It was without a doubt the best baguette I've ever had.

I've got a few photos from Day 1 on Flickr if you're interested...