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SFBI Day 4: Time for some variety!

several loaves on display

What a day! Whereas we've been making several subtle changes to our baguette formula for the past three days, today we branched out! Five very different varieties with only one thing in common -- each contained a healthy amount of pre-ferment. We used an old dough preferment which is also known as pate fermente.

So what is all that on the table?

rye loaves
A rye loaf made with rye and whole wheat flour.
whole wheat loaves
A whole wheat loaf made with a very high hydration dough. The extra-wet dough made for a very light texture even though it was tricky to handle.
three pan loaves

A basic white pan bread but made with three very different shaping techniques.

multigrain loaf

And my personal favourite, a fantastic multigrain batard, with flax seeds, sunflower seeds and millet that was all soaked overnight. The soaked seeds made for a terrifically complex smell and a great texture. This is my favorite bread so far by a long way. I can't wait to make it at home!

We also made a braided egg bread but it was still baking off at 5PM so we'll taste it tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow, we're back to making baguettes but we'll be experimenting with different pre-ferment techniques. Then it's two days off before we're on to sourdough!