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Special Christmas Baking!

The following letter went out to everyone on the Bootnik Email List on Tuesday. Don't miss out! You can sign up to the best darn bakery newsletter with "Orange" in the title here!

We're in the full holiday swing at the bakery these days. The Christmas playlist is humming (Patti likes her carols with Peruvian flute while Mark is waffling between Christmas with the Rat Pack and Bob Dylan's Christmas album), we've got a special afternoon cookie crew sprinkling and piping like Santa's elves and our noon hour braiding line is so efficient it should be put to music. You could say we've got the spirit!

Assortment of Holiday Cookies

Special Holiday Cookies

Each day till Christmas Eve we will be offering a selection of tempting christmas cookies. Stars, stockings (orange boots, you know), bears and gingerbread men will tempt your tastebuds.

We are also offering one of our regular classic cookies every day too in case you're looking for something more traditional. Don't worry -- we have muffins too!

A row of braided holiday loaves

Special Holiday Bread

This year, Cindy and I want to share a loaf with you that has been part of our family's Christmas for many years now. It's a Braided Holiday Loaf -- sweet, rich and silky, chock full of cranberries and walnuts and with a delightful hint of orange.

This attractive loaf is perfect for a house party, a gift, a pot luck supper or the main feast.

We are making very limited quantities every day up until Christmas Eve. Don't wait -- they freeze amazingly well -- so get yours today!

Special Holiday Hours

The entire Orange Boot Bakery team will be going hard to make as much bread, as many muffins and all the cookies we can make up to and including Christmas Eve. The hours are long and the work is hard but we really don't want any of you to miss out.

Come 3pm on Christmas Eve though, we are going to be closed for a while so the bakers and staff can spend time with our families. We will be closed from 3PM on December 24 till Tuesday January 2, 2012. Of course that means we're closed New Year's Eve, so stock up early if you're having people over!

Special Holiday Thanks

In closing, we want to say Thank You once again for the outstanding feedback, support and good vibes you have sent our way since we opened the bakery back in January.

For years we've dreamed about making new friends and sharing our love of great bread through our own bake shop. Now our dream has come true -- we get to help make hundreds of holiday celebrations a tiny bit better. What a thrill! Thank you for letting us do this.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays!