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Special Thanksgiving Baking

Pear Buckwheat Loaves

[Update : All our Internet Pre-Orders are SOLD OUT.  Sorry if you missed out.  There may be a few extra Pear loaves available in the afternoon at the bakery if there are no-shows or if I find more pears in time.]

Cindy and I have been spending quite a few evenings lately planning out special baking for Thanksgiving week. We love Thanksgiving supper; it's fun to get together with family and friends and the weather is usually still warm enough that we can head outside for a stroll during the day too. Great Fun!

We thought it would be fun to share some of the favourite parts of our Thanksgiving supper with you. Now, we can't cook for all of you, and as much as we'd like to invite ourselves over for a bite you probably have people invited already.

Orange Boot Thanksgiving Stuffing mix: It shouldn't surprise you that we are a Bread Stuffing family. At our table, rice belongs in Cabbage Rolls and stuffing is the domain of bread cubes (along with veggies, herbs, some ham, an apple, maybe some nuts, and a lot of butter!)

This year we are offering a pre-cut mix of Orange Boot bread so you can make the best stuffing ever. Each bag of hand cut, lightly herbed Orange Boot bread cubes is the perfect size for a small turkey or your casserole pan. We'll even give you our no-longer-secret stuffing recipe and some ideas on how you can make your own stuffed family tradition.

The stuffing mixes come in two varieties: Multigrain and Walnut Raisin.

Pear Buckwheat Bread:  This is a newer tradition in our house which began four years ago after I learned to make this loaf in San Francisco. Dried pears are soaked in white wine before being added to a delightful wheat and buckwheat dough. The final loaves are stencilled and then baked dark for maximum flavour.

The Buckwheat Pear bread was a huge hit at the bakery last Thanksgiving, when I was desperately trying to find more dried pears to keep up. This year I found a lot of really nice pears early so we should have enough for everyone.

Soft White Pull Apart Buns: Six packs of delightful soft buns. Perfect for sopping up gravy, or making a Turkey Sandwich.  Available Friday and Saturday.

Stuffing Mix is available Thursday – Saturday at the bakery, first come first served.

Pear Buckwheat Bread is available all week at the bakery (Tuesday – Saturday.)