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Summertime News, 2009 Edition

Well...Hi there!

Although I've spoken to a great many of our friends and customers over the past year, I haven't posted to the site in a very long time.  This has caused a bit of worry with people who discovered the website and thought they missed out on some fun (and great bread.)  I get a couple emails a month from people asking if we're still baking.

Are we still baking in the brick oven? Yes and No.  We've done a few bakes for special occasions, but we're not baking on a regular schedule.

Are we going to open a full time bakery? Very good question!  It looks like...YES!

We still have a lot of work to do, not least of which is settling on a location.  But we're working hard at it -- picking a location, sourcing equipment, getting the financing in place, etc.  I think we have the dominos lined up so that once we settle on the location, the rest can fall pretty quickly.

Our dream site at the River Heights Mall fell through back in May -- the landlord has other plans for the mall that doesn't include world class bread and baked goods  If you feel differently, perhaps you can tell him :-)   But you know, once that option officially died it actually opened up some new ideas for us.  I guess we were stuck on one place so much that we couldn't see the opportunity in other sites.

We've also been talking with other bakers.   Second generation bakers and rookies who have been open less than a year.  So we're feeling much more confident that we can be open and baking for you before I need to post a Summer 2010 update.

In the meantime, please drop us a line if you want to chat, either with a comment on the website or via email.  Words of encouragement are welcome, as is a kick in the pants once in a while -- your choice!