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Tell the neighbours

a door with a letter slot

[letter box]( by [MrBG]( is licensed under [CC BY-NC 2.0](

When the big Covid lockdown started in March, 2020, the folks at Slung Low theatre company didn't know what to do.

They couldn't put on shows, that's for sure. And they couldn't open the pub they operated either.

But they knew why they existed: to serve the people of Holbeck, Leeds. To be a foundational part of their community.

So they started writing letters.

They wrote to the 200 households around the theatre and said, we are here. We're still healthy. We have a car and a van. What do you need?

And they started making deliveries, bringing food and medicine to shut ins.

Love, connection and support finds a way.

What if it only took a letter? What would you write?

PS - more on the story here.