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Telling, not selling

I've been working on a project and we're close to shipping it out into the world. One of the main tasks this week is writing the website landing page - that single page that will entice folks to sign up, pay money and join the project.

I hesitate to call it a "sales page" though. Mainly because I'm terrible at writing sales pages. Lord knows I've tried. I spent most of the afternoon writing, rearranging and deleting the most hackneyed, cliched drivel. There's no two ways around it; sales pages suck and poorly disguised sales pages suck even more.

I went for a walk to calm down and think things over and the break helped. I realized that I'm not selling, I'm telling.[1]

I'm not convincing someone that they need our project. I'm simply explaining what the project is and inviting people to join in.

I'm not defending my credentials or my suitability to lead this project. I'm merely sharing what we made to people who already know us.

The best outcome would be if I could share, here is what we made, here is who we made it for, and here is why we made it. And yes, here is how you can get it for yourself.

None of that feels like selling to me. And that's how I like it.

  1. And by telling, I mean sharing. But sharing doesn't rhyme as well. 🙂 ↩ī¸Ž