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The Bakery - What We're About

What We're About

Orange Boot Bakery is an aspiring micro-bakery in Regina, Saskatchewan, offering a variety of hand made loaves baked in our very own wood-fired brick oven.

We say "aspiring" because we're in the very initial startup mode, making bread for a slowly growing group of family and friends. Our short term goals are to get our production routine down pat so we can serve more customers each week and to learn which loaves are our customers' favorites.

Our medium term goal is to open a true micro-bakery where we can offer our bread to more people, even friends we haven't met yet.

No matter what our size, Orange Boot Bakery is about creating the best bread you've ever had, in a way that preserves strong connections between the ingredients, the baker and the customer. With all the changes in food technology it's tougher than ever to make good choices about what we eat. We want you to know your baker and know what you're eating, and we want to know who we're serving.

Where We Are

We're at 2904 Wascana Street in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Until I figure out 'embedding' a little better, here's a link to a map.