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The Dog Whisperer

I was extra-tired at Robyn's practice because Cindy and I were up late watching old episodes of "The Dog Whisperer" They are hosted by Cesar Millan whose shtick Dog Psychology. He's absolutely hilarious! My favorite line to dog owners: "They're not less than human; they're just not human"

The main theme of the show is that dogs are most comfortable when they are in a pack and are around the dominant pack leader. So be that leader! The mindset you want the dog to be in is "calm-submissive."

The one tip that I think will work wonders with buddy is that, in dogs, there is a big difference between 'excited' and 'happy'. To Cesar, 'excited' is just as bad as 'agitated'. The dog is 'happy' when he is 'calm-submissive'

I think that for Cesar's advice to work owners need to get over any negative connotations about the word 'submissive'. Submissive is perceived by most to be a strongly negative human term but it's a strongly positive dog behaviour.