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The Three Caballeros

Chonteal, Chris and Jessica, our Saturday front crew

Ben, Robyn and Robyn's friend Haley usually help out when things get really busy on Saturday, but last weekend both Ben and Robyn were in Saskatoon for Ben's soccer tryouts.  We're so grateful that they have wonderful friends in Chonteal, Chris and Jessica.

These three amazing people helped out bagging bread and serving customers through the busiest part of Saturday afternoon.  We had a hard time remembering that they had never worked at Orange Boot before; 10 minutes learning from Cindy and they were away to the races!

With their great energy and positive attitude, these three will go far in life.  I'm sure you sensed it if you dropped in between 11 and 2.  I'm glad to know them.  (And of course, they're welcome to help any Saturday they're available!)

Thanks so much!