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Travel Plans

Cindy and I are heading off to Victoria for a few days later this week for a rest and some warmer weather.  It was -33C this morning so even rainy and +6C will feel pretty darn nice.  And we get to visit with our great friend Renee.  AND, it's off-season, so we got a suite in the lovely Oswego Hotel in James Bay for barely half what the Super 8 in Estevan costs these days.  Lovely.

Provincial legislature in Victoria, BC

Our hotel is just behind this little building.

I enjoy these little mid-winter getaways.  Victoria is a lovely city to walk in -- lots of coffee shops, the best used bookstore ever, and some fine restaurants and bakeries.  Great breakfasts too.    But my highlight will be getting to visit Fry's Bakery when they are open!

Russell Books, Victoria

Many, many hours will be spent here.

The past two times I've been to Victoria, Byron has been closed.  We bakers seem to take a break at the same time.  But I checked and he's open this weekend.  I've already sent an email offering to tote flour and do dishes one night so I can watch him do his thing.  I hope he's up for some company!  If he agrees I'll be sure to have a full report on the Orange Boot blog.

Fry's Bakery, Victoria

Thar be a massive brick oven in there.  Oh yes!

It's entirely possible this is my only trip this year, unless the Bread Bakers Guild is going to offer a class I can't refuse.  The next vacation I want to take is Paris, and that's going to take some saving and planning.  Spring 2016 is my best guess for that one.

Having typed that though, I can't imagine staying here all year.  Camping maybe? That would be nice...

Photos by Evan Leeson, Jen Arr and ...argh! I went looking for the bookshop pic for a link and can't find it again.  Thanks, flickr!  :(