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True Friends Contest Update

Our True Friends contest was a big hit this year. The idea of a bread basket travelling the city from friend to friend really struck a chord with people.  I didn't do a precise count but we had well over two thousand people enter the contest in January.  Amazing!

So far we have  launched two of the three baskets.

Our green basket on its way out the door

Joy Campbell and her brother Bruce started the Green basket off in style -- we've refilled it three times so far and sent it back from friend to friend.

Jill launches the Blue basket

Jill Vaisey launched the Blue basket last week and we've already refilled it once.  It was great to get that basket on the road.

We hope to launch the final (Red) basket next week.  We picked the winner but she's on vacation for another day or two.

We still get very excited when a basket returns to the bakery.  Who will come in with it?  Maybe it will be you!