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Turkey Trouble?

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly. If you're like me, that means a big turkey dinner with all the fixings and lots of family and friends to share in the day. But turkeys can be a challenge to cook -- why not take some of the pressure off your turkey basting by serving some fresh, hand made bread?

Orange Boot is offering four excellent accompaniments to your Thanksgiving Dinner.

  • 700g French Boule: This large round loaf has a surprisingly complex flavour for a lean dough. ($3.50)

  • 500g French Batard: Larger than a baguette, smaller than a boule, this torpedo shaped loaf packs all the flavour in a smaller package ($3.00)

  • 500g Semolina Loaf Pane Siciliano: Durum semolina flour and sesame seeds add extra flavour to the loaf. The 'S' shape adds visual appeal as well! ($3.50)

  • 700g Cheddar Chive Torpedo: Aged cheddar, fresh chives and local potatoes combine to make a loaf which is surprisingly soft and packed with flavour! ($5.00)

As always, our bread is made from locally milled organic flours. The dough is built over two days to extract the maximum flavour from the grain and is baked in our wood fired brick oven.

Please order by 5PM Wednesday, October 3 for pickup or delivery on Saturday the 6th. To order, either call (306-522-1592) or [email]( 6 Bread Order)