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Typo Tuesday: The Great Creator

I'm not a very good typist. My pressure varies per key and my speed is variable. I don't type too quickly for a keyboard but it's very easy to type faster than a typewriter can handle, jamming up the keys.

So I try. I got back into my habit of freewriting at the typewriter in the morning this week. I love the practice and always feel a little off when I stop.

I hit an extremely serendipitous situation yesterday when my keys jammed yet again. As I paused to free them, I realized I made a significant typo. I had meant to type creator but instead typed reactor.

Now isn't that interesting.

I've been in reactor mode lately. Absorbing the events of the day, grinding on them in my head, letting them fester and frustrate, letting the events affect my mood and actions. In a word, reacting.

But when things are flowing, when I'm doing my practicing and shipping on a regular basis, the events of the day don't drag me down. They can be used in one of my creations, or not. But they are beside me, ready to be used, not inside me, clogging me up.

Thanks, typewriter, for the reminder that it's much better to be a creator than a reactor.