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U20 World Cup update

Wow, I'm taking the day off in celebration of receiving my first ever blog comment from a "stranger." And Footie Fool has been added to my Feed list too. Thanks for the comment and I'm looking forward to digging through your site!

Now for the update: I spent the better part of yesterday bragging to my coworkers about scoring U20 world cup tickets on July 7 in Victoria. Once I spent a couple minutes explaining what the tournament was all about and that Canada was the host nation and yes it was legitimate, they were excited too. I think.

Even though soccer is becoming more mainstream, comparisons to the world junior hockey or curling championships are still required here on the flatlands.

For added enjoyment, try telling your friends (in an excited voice) that you're going to see Uruguay-Zambia and Japan-Nigeria. Take a picture of their discomfort and then watch them relax when you explain that three of the four teams are borderline regulars in the 'senior' world cup.

That's OK, they're trying. In 1998 I actually got teased when I let on I was taping and watching all the world cup matches from France. "What, are you waiting for a goal or something?" Har Har. Things are much better now...

Anyway, I'm expecting big things in Victoria. Maybe not dancing in the streets, but flags and horns perhaps? Maybe I can pick up a Zambia scarf or rising sun headband? That would be way cool.