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Ucluelet is my kind of town

Earlier in the day, when it was just cloudy, we headed into Ucluelet to see what that town was like. Wow, what a pleasant surprise! Ucluelet is a delightful little town - exactly what I was hoping for. Even though they cater to tourists, it's a working town, so I really got the sense we were going to places where local folks shopped. The Ambroisia Bakery was a good example of this - a basic little bakery with decent bread, cookies and muffins at reasonable prices.

There were three highlights to the day:

#3 Ukee Dogs eatery. This is the coolest little place- part of village square which is really just a hodge podge of the cool little buildings all stacked together. Simply wonderful. And they serve great hot dogs and excellent meat pies. Best lunch yet

#2 the Crow's Nest. A wonderful old store that claims to offer stationary, books and gifts. That sells it short. The Crow's Nest is bursting at the seams with curiosities of ll kinds. R-rated soaps. Rude cocktail napkins. Journals, candies and yes, stationary and books. All done with style. Just awesome.

#1 Word End Booksellers. This small shop next to Ukee Dog is a coffee shop, a bookstore (new and used) and a bit of a curiosity shoppe too. It gets the #1 spot thanks to a delightful woman who was working there. We had a great visit that, had it gone on any longer, would've required some chairs and a break for lunch.

People do make a difference and the friendliness from everyone we met in Ucluelet made our day.

PS - I'd catch it from Cindy if I didn't add the wonderful lady at Inner Rythm Surf Shop. Another great experience (but more on that tomorrow)