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We are at Regina Farmers Market tomorrow!

Ben at our table at the Regina Farmer's Market

Cindy says we have to try, at least once.  Too many people have been asking.  Suggesting.  Pleading.  Hoping that we’ll get back down to the Regina Farmer’s Market like we did last year.

You see, lots of bread lovers head downtown to the market for their veggies and they want to pick up some of the Good Stuff at the same time.  And it’s fun to hang out with lots of like minded, local food loving people on the City Plaza on a sunny summer day.  We had a ton of fun last year chatting with old friends and making new friends in the open air.

But this year has brought some challenges.  All good news, but challenges nonetheless.

  • We’re making a ton of pastries at Orange Boot Bakery these days, especially on Saturday.  They use up precious oven space that was commandeered for Market Bread last year.

  • As we’ve gotten busier at Orange Boot, we’ve been scheduling more front staff at the bakery on Saturday to slice bread, pour iced tea (that patio sure is popular) and bag up your provisions.  So it’s tough freeing up two of our “A Team” for the market.

  • Folks sure want a lot of bread and buns lately! We’re pushing the limit of what we can make in one day at our little shop and still be true to our vision of ‘everything fresh, by hand, every morning’, even on a busy Saturday.

That being said, I still feel the stares from Ada and Dee, Jule and Michelle and Marin every week when I go down to the Farmers Market to buy rhubarb for our muffins, danishes and galettes.  So Cindy, Teisha and I spent something like three days figuring out a plan:

  • Sandy and I are going to head down in a couple of hours and spend the night baking as much Rye, Sourdough, Birdseed Bread and Whole Wheat as we can fit on the bench, in the oven and on the racks

  • Cindy and Kali will come down in the very early morning to bake the sweets, pastries, sticky buns, muffins and burger buns

  • Teisha will arrive shortly after to make and bake our summer flatbreads, French Loaves, Baguettes (fresh from the oven when we open!) and some extra Birdseed Bread to be safe.

  • By 7AM or so, Amy and Robyn will come by, bag and tag all the Market Bread and head downtown to be set up in stall 74 (probably on Scarth St.) by 9AM.

  • At 8:30, Elysia, Chris and Ben will be at the shop getting the displays filled, the patio furniture outside, the flowers watered and the rugs vacuumed.  We’ll be ready to welcome you at the bakery by 9:30AM.

We will have our full selection of bread and sweets at the bakery, as usual, including Roasted Garlic Sourdough, Rhubarb Danish and Ice Cream Sandwiches.  Chocolate Chip Cookies, Burger Buns and Frozen Pizza Dough.  The whole nine yards.  Even our World Cup Cookies, for the last time this quadrennial.

We’re sticking with our best bread at the Farmer’s Market, to start the season anyway.  Tomorrow we will have the following at the Market:

  • Caraway and Mustard Seed Rye
  • Saskatchewan Sourdough
  • 24 Hour Sourdough
  • Orange Boot Birdseed Bread
  • Whole Wheat
  • 12 Grain

If all goes well, we’ll be back at the Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the summer.  I’ll keep you posted.