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Welcome! Why are we here?

Welcome to the first post of Big Creek News. I'll gussy up the site a bit over the next couple days but I want to focus on content for a while first.

Why does this site exist?

The simple version: I've lived in Regina, Saskatchewan my entire life and in South Regina since around 1992. Most of my friends growing up have left the city, since "there's nothing going on in Regina." That's hogwash! Whether you're 8 or 88, there are more things to do in this lovely city than hours in the day. What's missing is a place to learn what's going on.

The complex version: More to come over time. Suffice to say I hope we can share all the good things that our going on in town. I hope we can discuss the unpleasant things that go on in town as well, with an eye to working through issues. I think the term for this is 'Building Community', but I'm not very precise with the Big Terms.