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What's Office 2.0?

It’s the next generation of Network Computer — the environment where you can run all the business apps you need via a web browser and save all your data online.

If you can do this, then you can work from anywhere — the field, the office, the home office.

If you can do this, then your computer support costs go away (or at least get reduced a lot.) If all you need is a keyboard, screen, network connection and web browser, then how fast of a machine do you really need? How often will it fail? Why do you need to back it up? Why do you need an operating system as large as Vista?

Ismael Ghalimi is attempting to pull this all together — to do every single thing, and store every single file, online. It’s a big challenge. He’s keeping track of all the apps he needs and the online solutions. There’s lots of software. Each category has many alternatives.

It would certainly be a (inhale) ‘value added communications service on top of the network targetted at small business’ (exhale) Wouldn’t it?

We’re not alone. Intel is building suites too. But we don’t have to invent it to add value for our customers.

WHAT IF: we could pull together a suite (ok, a bundle) of these services for small business customers?

WHAT IF: we could offer the suite for much less than the cost of MS Office?

WHAT IF: we could support it as a suite rather than 40 independent products?

WHAT IF: we could integrate it with handsets as well as PC’s?