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Where Is The Best Food In Regina?

best of 2013 banner

Prairie Dog magazine is my "go to" resource for finding out what's new and interesting in the Regina food scene.  This month they are once again running their "Best in Food" reader poll to determine the best pubs, eateries, diners and, yes, bakeries.

We've been honoured to be named "Regina's Best Bakery" the past two years and it would be huge for us to win again this year.

Why?  Because it's a Reader Poll.  That means when Orange Boot wins Best Of something in the Prairie Dog, it's a legitimate endorsement, not a paid for 'advertorial'.

It means you, our True Fans, think we're doing OK. That you're rooting for us.  That you want us to succeed.

That means a lot to me.

It's also important that Bootniks vote in lots of categories, because it helps both of us.  You get a chance to win $500 in gift certificates from the Prairie Dog, and I get to learn what you think is the best burger, and the best coffee shop, and the best brew pub. I mean, I'm not at the bakery all the time -- I need to know where to go to eat!

So please vote quick.  Don't wait.  Don't forget.  And I hope you win the prize, too.