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Will You Be the Next Orange Boot Baker?

2014 bake crew

Want to work with this bevy of amazing of bakers?  Now’s your chance!


Probably the biggest thing I’ve learned over the years at Orange Boot Bakery is how crucial it is to build a strong, energetic team to work with every day.  Our current bake crew is exactly that.  I’m so lucky to be able to work with Teisha, Sandy, Sheraea and Kim every day.  Not only are they talented bakers, with a love of their craft and excellent hand skills, but they are so much fun to work with too.  It’s a joy to come into the bakery every morning knowing I get to work with them.

There’s a downside to this, however.  When you hire great people, their lives are full of adventure and sometimes they have to move on.  Sheraea is getting married soon and next month is moving to be closer to her new husband.  We’re going to miss her calm smile, her eagerness to try new things and her mad oven skillz.

So we’re hiring again. Very quickly, since we need to replace Sheraea, but very slowly, because we’re looking for the Right Person.  The Next Orange Boot Baker:

  • is excited about bringing joy to hundreds of people every week through the food he/she makes in the morning
  • loves hard, physical, fast paced work if that’s what is needed to make the best baking for people
  • is enthusiastic and full of energy, even before sunrise
  • loves working as part of a highly motivated team
  • is willing to learn in the name of creating the best baked goods in the world

The Next Orange Boot Baker may have some pastry school cred, or previous professional baking experience, but it’s not necessary.  What’s necessary is the overwhelming desire to create something truly remarkable.

Does this describe you, or someone you know?  Then we need to talk.

Call Mark or Cindy at (306) 584-2668 (mention you’re calling about the baker position), come into the bakery in person Tuesday – Saturday between 8AM and 2pm, or apply online.