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Friday, July 5, 2024

My weather app reports a dreaded 'heat dome' coming up from California, but Euro quarterfinals are begin at 10AM. What's a football loving Nature Walker to do?

I compromised. Watched Spain-Germany go to extra time and then set out for a walk just before noon. Temperatures here peak at 5pm so I was safe, skipping from shady tree to shady tree through Beacon Hill Park, then caught a cool sea breeze along Dallas Road, before heading to Root Cellar for some case lot fruit and a pack of dinner rolls. It was a short walk, just over an hour, but there was lots to see.

The turtle log had an unexpected guest. A Great Blue Heron decided to stand, still and stoic, on the centre of the log. I thought Herons ate turtles but there were one or two large ones on the log beside him.

There wasn't much birdsong in the park and only a tiny bit in the bushes along Dallas Road. The songs took off in the huge chestnut trees along Cook Street however. Much chirping back and forth, bouncing off the apartment buildings and back into my ears.

The highlight of the walk was a corner garden along Linden Street. There was a stand of bright yellow sunflowers in the boulevard and as I was admiring them, I noticed the homeowners sitting on their porch. Their little girl, age 8 or 9, exclaimed that it was her garden and I replied that it was very beautiful, and she must be an excellent gardener to grow flowers which are twice as tall as she is. She beamed at me and her parents did too.

a stand of sunflowers in a boulevard garden


deep yellow daisies in beacon Hill Park

daisies? in Beacon Hill Park

lavender bushes along a driveway and sidewalk

The lavender is huge this time of year