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The FilmCast: Andre, Rafa, Brian and Ian talk baking and filmmaking; the birth of Ferment in Boulder and the Bakers Dozen film series

Published on: 16 September 2020

Today is a special five person podcast!  Coinciding with the world premiere of Bakers Dozen Stories, a series of short documentary films about bakers and their craft, we are joined by the filmmakers and the bakers featured in the first film, FERMENT.

Andre and Rafa teamed up to make Ferment Boulder, a micro bakery with a ton of heart and some seriously fast delivery bikes.  Brian is a filmmaker and gifted storyteller with a passion for bread.  And Ian is a photographer who is used to filming on cliff faces, but can also get up close and personal with a ball of dough.

Together, they have created a feast for all the senses - a film with heart and humour, and the imagery of Chef's Table and the Tour de France. 


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