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Joan Kanner, co-founder of Bottoms Up Bagels in Baltimore, Maryland

Published on: 22 June 2022

Sometimes you just see a need and feel compelled to fill it.  After working together in the corporate world and being underwhelmed by the quality of their box lunches, Joan Kanner and Michelle Bond decided to bring the great bagels of their native New Jersey to Baltimore.  Starting with pop-ups and market bakes in 2015, by 2020 they opened Bottoms Up Bagels on Greenmount Avenue.  Now they are taking their bagel show on the road, after two very successful pop-up roadshows in Bozeman, Montana and Cohoes, NY.   

Dialing in from the hoodoos of Utah, Joan and I discuss how great bagels aren't just for New York and Montreal, how Bottoms Up Bagels is willing to take on every form of distribution and what it takes to make a splash with their Bagel Roadshows across the USA.

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