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Lisa DiVirgilio Arnold, founder of Small Town Startup in Springfield, Tennessee

Published on: 29 November 2023

Working with a coach or consultant can be a leap too far for many small business owners, especially owner-operator independent bakeries.  Lisa Arnold set out to bridge the gap in her town of Springfield, Tennessee, with Small Town Startup, a marketing agency, startup incubator, coaching practice and meeting space. Lisa is bringing the skills and best practices usually reserved for large corporations to small businesses in an accessible, affordable, sustainable way.

In this episode, Lisa shares her story of moving to a small town and nurturing the energy and excitement of the entrepreneur community there.  Mark and Lisa discuss how she lowers the barrier to entry for her services by offering small classes and meetups, how being flexible to each business' needs has helped her grow, and how every small town needs a sparkplug to keep the small business community connected and thriving.

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