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The New, Improved Solveig Tofte Episode

Published on: 30 August 2018

(This version gets Solveig's and Mark's voices back in sync.  So sorry for the mix up!)


Solveig Tofte is a fun loving, exceptionally friendly baker with an international reputation.  Not only does she own and operate the amazing Sun Street Breads in Minneapolis, Minnesota but she also travels the world teaching baking and connecting with other bakers.

In this episode, Mark and Solveig talk about her experience with Team USA at the Coupe de Monde, starting Sun Street Breads and forming the best named group ever - the Intergalactic Bakers Federation.

Some links:

Sun Street Breads Website

@sunstreetbreads on Instagram

Rise Up! The Baker Podcast website

Mark on Instagram


Produced and hosted by Mark Dyck

Theme song and music by Robyn Dyck

Orange Boot Human logo by Fred Reibin