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Mark and Cindy's Ontario Roadtrip / Arlo Brandl, CBB from Tecumseh, Michigan

Published on: 10 October 2018

Mark and Cindy are back from a massive road trip through Ontario and into the Midwest USA, checking out the amazing trees and lakes and visiting as many bakeries as humanly possible.

In this two-part episode, Mark shares his thoughts on the trip, with an emphasis on the wide variety of community bakeries they saw throughout Ontario.  Then, Mark and Arlo Brandl from Tecumseh, Michigan have an in-person chat about Arlo's new bakery and his recent success in becoming the BBGA's seventh Certified Bread Baker.

Some links:

Tecumseh Bread and Pastry

@tecumseh_bread_pastry on Instagram

BBGA's Artisan Baker Certification Program

Rise Up! The Baker Podcast website

Mark on Instagram


Produced and hosted by Mark Dyck

Theme song and music by Robyn Dyck

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