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Corina Gaffney of Great Lakes Baking Company in Hudson, Ohio

Published on: 31 October 2018

After years and years of dreaming and planning to open her own bakery, Corina Gaffney is the proud owner of Great Lakes Baking Company in Hudson Ohio.  The bakery has been around for over 20 years and now Corina and her team are focused taking the bakery to whole new level of taste and happiness.

In this episode, Mark and Corina sit down on her patio to talk about her decision to purchase an existing bakery and what it takes for the new owner and the staff to gel into an excellent team.

We also talk a lot about Joy.  Before, during and after the chat.  The joy of baking, of podcasting and sharing our work with the world.


Some links:

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@greatlakesbakingco on Instagram

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Produced and hosted by Mark Dyck

Theme song and music by Robyn Dyck

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