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A Must See video if we're going to get along.

Since August, I've been part of an online group of writers, marketers, thinkers and leaders led by Seth Godin. It's called but it's closed to new members*, so no sense going there right now.

Much of the discussion on Triiibes lately has been the US presidential election. It's easy enough to see why -- it's on a lot of people's minds these days. But there hasn't been any more common ground found in this group than with any other group of people I've talked with during this, or any other election season. Why is that?

Here's a short video by Jonathan Haidt** that puts a lot of the election discussion into context. In the entertaining and ultimately hopeful presentation, he talks about morals as the reason for this polarity, and offers up ideas to find common ground even with moral differences.

Video Link: Jonathan Haidt on the Moral Mind

Please take a look, then let's discuss. I'll wait for you.

* If you're completely miffed that you can't get into triiibes, there is a way. But I need to know you're serious about it before I'll tell you.

**Mr. Haidt is the author of one of my all time favorite books "The Happiness Hypothesis" which is the one book on psychology that you simply must go read. But wait till we talk about the video.