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Worried about sharing your cool idea? Try a FriendDA.

A recurring Triiibes mantra is "Ideas that Spread, Win."  In fact, having a good idea spread is more important than getting credit for it. That's a tough one for me, as much of my professional life is making darn sure my company's secrets stay in the company and I'm afraid that attitude has leaked into my personal life too.   So I've been on a personal journey to share more ideas, more often, to more people.   Yet, it's still a struggle, especially when it comes to new business ideas, like my bakery.

All of this made me very receptive to the ideas in this post. It's from Rands in Repose, which is on the top half of my 'must read' list.

In this case, Rands comes up with an elegant, and possibly tongue in cheek, way to pitch your next great idea to a friend to get some feedback. It's for those really good 'uns -- the Next Big Thing that you Actually Might Implement.

I'm in a 12 step program to help me freely share ideas, but what about you? Are you the type of person who worries about other people stealing your ideas? Then maybe a FriendDA is the tool you need!