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All The Way To The Edge

Marbles on the Marbleympic Podium

I’m totally mesmerised by a new (to me) YouTube channel called Jelle’s Marble Runs. Jelle Bakker is from the Netherlands and he’s seriously into making courses for marbles to run down.

That’s a huge understatement, though. He’s created an entire marble world with athletes and and teams and multi-event competitions. We’re talking multiple camera angles, instant replays, precision timing and cheering (marble) fans.

Check out this video for a sample. From the team hashtags to the Marbleympic torch in the corner, this is full marble immersion.

The second event of the 2017 MarbleLympics (Marble Olympics)! This time the Long Jump! Making a return from the 2016 Marblelympics is the Long Jump. One marble from each team drops from the top of a 1-meter (39 inch) track and ramp made from Skyrail tracks, supported by a K'nex tower.

Now, this isn’t Jelle’s first video. It took a while to get production this slick and to have fans getting tattoos of their favourite marbles. But from what I can tell his videos are always about the marbles and it’s been like that from the very start. We’re all immersed in alternative, spherical world. Even a human shadow is rare.

I dare you to watch for 10 minutes and not develop a favourite team.

This is what the edge feels like #

There’s a lot of talk about ‘picking an edge’ for your project. Deciding what’s important and going all the way to the limit in that area.

The Marbleympics is my new reminder of what an edge looks like and what it feels like to experience someone going all the way out there.

Go Limers Go!