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Rise Up! #43: Jeff McCarthy of Breadservice in Greensboro, NC

Jeff McCarthy & a tiny helper

Jeff McCarthy, via @breadservice on Instagram

Jeff McCarthy is bringing the good stuff to the people of Greensboro, North Carolina while balancing life as a stay at home dad, which is pretty darn remarkable. He’s finished his first market season and is getting a subscription business going to boot.

Although Jeff is fairly new to bread production, he’s an old hand in the food world, having trained as a pastry chef and worked in big and small kitchens (though not as small as his home kitchen!)

In this episode, I get the scoop on Jeff’s journey in baking and in life and we take a really good run at why exactly we do what we do.

Plus, there are answers to our last Question of the Week and a brand new question too. So come on now - you gotta hear this one!

Here’s a link to the show page, or just use the handy player below (which may or may not show up via email!)