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Borrow a Picnic Blanket for an Awesome Summer Lunch!

Picnic blankets

The grass and shade from the poplar trees make the space behind the bakery a great place to sit, relax and enjoy a drink or a light lunch in the summertime.  It's true!  Our front staff have enjoyed taking their lunch breaks back there for years.

Now you can too!  We have a set of lovely picnic blankets that you can use by yourself or with a friend.  One blanket is even big enough for three or four people.

Simply ask one of our front crew to borrow a blanket and enjoy the sunshine.

Use one for lunch, or morning coffee and a croissant, or even that afternoon "planning meeting."  However you like.  Heck, Cindy even ran a staff training session back there!  We only ask that you return the blanket before we close for the day.  :)