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Creator vs. Archivist

I was urged to rekindle a daily writing (and publishing!) habit over at the Creative's Workshop. And boy, did it rekindle! Every day got a little easier to get started, regardless of whether the writing got any better. The pressure fell away and the joy of writing floated up to the top.

Before long though, the bad thoughts came into my head again. I already have a blog; I just don't post. I'm a major part of three online communities, and I rarely post there either. And what of social media?

I have a box full of journals, chronicling parts of my life, in fits and starts, over the past 30 years. More gaps than fill, but still, there's some good stuff in there.

What should I do with it all? How can I fit it all into a coherent timeline, an impressive body of work?

Thankfully, that's not my job. I'll leave that to an archivist. Let them earn their ample salary.

I'm a creator. I make things and share them. Thats my job.