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Your Best Normal

I had a great chat with my friend Dean yesterday about life and change and projects. He's doing amazing work in his new home of Sacramento. Important work in social justice, racism, equity and inclusion and fun work building a coffee cart to live outside his pop-up record store.

Dean has a way about him that I truly admire. He's calm and kind and thoughtful, with great clarity about what matters in life. And brave directness when it comes to shining a light on what is broken and what needs fixing.

I grabbed for a pen when we started talking about Covid and the impacts it has had on everyone. To us, this talk of 'getting back to normal' or even a 'new normal' is a missed opportunity.

The past six months have thrown everything up in the air, all around the world. Folks are scrambling to catch all the fragments, with the hope of putting them back together again.

But what if we didn't catch everything? What if we were intentional about the things we caught and the things we let drop?

I've seen it happen with my baking friends, who had to close because of Covid, and discovered that there were parts of their businesses that they truly hated. So when they re-opened, they left the hateful parts behind. Maybe it was a product line. Maybe it was delivery, or even retail.

The point here is that we can move forward better/stronger/happier, not less than or the same as before.

What are you keeping? What are you leaving behind? And what will you change this week?