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Rise Up! #107: World Premiere of 'Bakers Dozen Stories', with the Bakers and Filmmakers

Rafa and Andre

Photo of Rafa and Andre via their [gofundme page](

It’s a special day on the pod for several reasons. Not least of which is that it’s our first five person chat!

Andre Gruber and Rafaelo Infante are the bakers behind Ferment, a new micro-bakery in Boulder, Colorado. They used the Covid lockdown to start their own tiny bakery in their kitchen and deliver their bread via some very fast bikes. In a few short months, they have developed a loud and supportive following in their community and are taking their micro business very seriously, while finishing up University as well.

Brian Szymanski and Ian Glass are the director and photographer behind the Bakers Dozen series of documentary films about bakers and the culture that they are nurturing in their communities. And Ferment is the subject of their first episode.

These four gents have combined to create a real gem of a film. It’s one part Warren Miller and one part Chef’s Table, and the combination is awesome.

Blend that all with the Rise Up! Podcast and the combination is even better. That’s the hope at least.

We talked on Launch Day of the Ferment episode and have a great talk, spanning bread and baking, film and photography, branding, design, Instagram, generational change and much more. Enjoy the show!