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Don't Miss Out. Order Your Easter Braid Now!

Easter braid

Easter will soon be here, so we have started making round Easter Braids every day until the Saturday before Easter.

This ‘new tradition’ celebration loaf is my take on my Grandma Silverson’s Kolach, which she would make every Easter at the farm.  When I was little I loved how her round, sweet loaf sat all big and proud at the centre of her dining room table.

We've kicked up the flavour of this loaf quite a bit from when my Grandma made it -- lots of butter and eggs, even more raisins and cranberries, and a lot more time.  Each loaf is made one day and baked the next so the loaf can ferment slowly and develop more flavour.

We'll be making a few loaves every day and then more each day as Easter approaches.  But we never know exactly how many to make and typically sell out every day.  By Easter week (especially Thursday and Saturday) we make as many as we can and they all sell early.  So please, please please, pre-order your Easter Bread and Hot Cross Buns to be sure you don't miss out.

Especially if you have a special occasion or want to order a large number of loaves, be sure to give us two days notice so we know to make more.  Once we’re sold out for the day, we can’t ‘whip up’ a new batch.

We try to make ordering as easy as possible.  Either call the bakery direct (306) 584-2668 or use the handy order form below.

Please Note:  As of Wednesday, April 1, we are no longer taking orders for Easter Weekend.  We will have bread and Hot Cross Buns available Thursday and Saturday on a First Come, First Come basis beginning at 9:30AM!