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It's Officially the Season for Hot Cross Buns!

a pan of hot cross buns, hot from the oven, being brushed with syrup

I'm excited to tell you that it is officially Hot Cross Bun season at Orange Boot Bakery.

We will be making our traditional Hot Cross Buns fresh each morning from now until Easter.

You won't find many buns like these any more, as most chain stores end up using icing for crosses because it's quicker. We use a traditional English method, with currants and candied peel inside, a flour paste cross applied right before baking, and a light syrup glaze when the buns are hot from the oven.

It's a few more steps but we think it's worth it, and veterans of Orange Boot seem to agree.

A few folks have been waiting patiently since January (Hi Mary!) for Hot Cross Buns. We're glad Easter season is finally here.

As we get closer to Easter, we'll both benefit from advance orders for these, since quantities are, as they say, limited. Either by phone or via the our handy online order form.

Please Note:  As of Wednesday, April 1, we are no longer taking orders for Easter Weekend.  We will have bread and Hot Cross Buns available Thursday and Saturday on a First Come, First Come basis beginning at 9:30AM!