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Farewell for now

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend. Father's Day was a nice, relaxing affair -- out to a movie with the whole family, a late lunch, some puttering around the house and we finally got the garden in. Nice day and beautiful weather too.

As I mentioned last week, this Friday is the final bake day for a while as we plan out our next steps. But we're going out with a bang, offering an old favourite and a personal favorite we haven't made for several months.

#1: Saskatchewan Sourdough -- let's go for a straight white loaf with sourdough starter for some extra tangy zest.

  • Saskatchewan Sourdough, 500g, $3.50

#2: Semolina -- we use Saskatchewan grown organic semolina flour for an extra shot of golden colour and flavour. Then we shape it in a traditional S and give each loaf a nice coating of sesame seeds. yum!

  • Semolina Loaf, 500g, $3.50

One note: There's a finite number of loaves we can bake on Friday -- 112 loaves to be precise. Depending on the volume of orders this week we might have to put a limit on amount of bread for each of you. Feel free to order as many loaves as you like, but we may have to pull back a bit. Thanks for your understanding.

In closing, I want to take a minute to wish each of you a sincere and heartfelt Thank You for all your support over the past 8 months. Your response to our bread and your incredible positive feedback has inspired us to make our bakery a dream worth pursuing. We promise to keep in touch over summer as we build our business plan and will be reaching out to some of you for advice along the way. If we don't see you this week, have a great summer!

Best wishes,

Mark, Cindy, Ben and Robyn