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Happy Birthday to Me, Me, Me!

birthday cake

Today's my birthday!  Yay!

Although birthdays are kinda quiet around here they're still very special and today was a great day.   Up early to watch Ben play soccer, then off for a light lunch with Cindy (hot dogs at the Peavey Mart and Milky Way ice cream), then watch the Euro 2008 final before joining up with the kids and Cindy's family for a movie (Wall-E) and finally homemade bbq burgers.  And I got some community association work done, some wood chopped for tomorrow's pizza party and some dough mixed.  Not bad for a Sunday!

My birthday gift this year was the best ever.  Cindy signed the two of us up to the MS-Bike Tour this September in Waskiseu.  66km of hilly parkland and possibly bears.  Awesome!  The only problem is that neither of us has done much riding so far this year, so the training regimine starts, erm, tomorrow. But early tomorrow.   And I'll eat pizza standing up or something.  Tuesday for sure.

Photo credit:  riacale, on flickr