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Farewell to Teisha

Saturday, July 30 is the last day at the bakery for our summer intern, Teisha Huff.  She's heading back to Calgary after two months working with Mark and Patti on the bread shift and helping Cindy and Heather with cookies and muffins.

Teisha's been a great help; we've been able to get our morning bread out much faster and she passed along several tips and techniques picked up from the excellent instructors at SAIT. Hopefully we were able to teach her a thing or two as well; at minimum we've improved her knowledge of women's soccer and the Tour de France!

When we asked Teisha what she thought of her time with us, she mentioned how much she enjoyed the Breadville Open House (especially teaching some of our guests how to shape baguettes!) and the morning the Ethel Milliken kindergartens came to visit and shape buns.

She also said that working in a new bakery was a great opportunity to see how things change every day, as we introduce new products, adjust to wild weather changes and learn how our guest's shopping patterns change as the weather turns warm. She's also become super awesome at cleaning the mixer!

We are really going to miss Teisha and we wish her great success as she completes her courses at SAIT. Hopefully we can get her back as an apprentice next year.