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Getting Unstuck

It takes real effort to see that you are stuck. Effort and time.

My goal is to write three posts per week here. But aside from announcing podcast episodes, I haven't written anything here for three weeks.

I told myself that I was busy. Easter baking, spring car repairs, dentist appointments and so on. I even took this week off from baking to free up time for writing.

But you know what? The reality is that, yet again, I have tied myself up in knots over 'my audience.'

That is to say, the lovely people who signed up for updates via the website or my podcast page.

They are a varied crew, to say the least. Some are bakers. Others are friends I met through the Right Company. Some are my altMBA coach pals while still others are bread buddies from the Backyard Bakery. Some I know quite well (hello there Cindy!) and others I haven't met at all.

So where does the 'stuck' come from? Two things, really.

  • The first thing is that I want to please everyone, all the time. So if I write a detailed baking post, that'll annoy the non-bakers. If I write about the amazing play I saw last week, that will annoy the non-locals. What about a music review, or a book review, or a creativity tip? I tell myself that someone will get annoyed and unsubscribe. So I don't write.

  • The second thing is the whole blog->email setup. A post that might be 'off topic' is going to show up in your inbox. Oh dear. Now I'm a spammer too. Better not write.

Maybe this sounds absurd to you. I admit it sounds a little absurd to me, now that I've written it down. That's the point of writing, I guess.

To break out of the cycle of stuckness, I need to continually remind myself of three things. Write-them-on-paper-and-stick-it-by-the-keyboard things:

  1. This is my 'Whole Self Home Base.' It's what I wrote at the top of the blog, for goodness sake. I need to keep reminding myself that I built this as a home for all my stuff, not just a piece of it.

  2. I'm not 'pushing' my writing to your inbox. Folks sign up in order to 'pull' it to their inbox. That's a big difference.

  3. I write to figure things out. To understand what I think. If I can teach folks something new, awesome. But at minimum, I can show the benefits of the practice of writing to figure things out. If I don't write, I can't share how the process works.

Whew. I'm glad I figured that out yet again. I'm off to find a Sharpie and a notepad to get this beside my keyboard.

Then it's time to write some more.

How are you with habits? Got a secret to making them stick? Are you stuck yourself? Let’s talk about it in the comments!