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Rise Up #53: Jeffrey Hamelman - A conversation on a lifetime baking, teaching and being an ambassador for good bread

Jeffrey Hamelman

Photo via the [French Pastry School](

I’m so happy to kick off Season 5 of Rise Up! The Baker Podcast with a conversation I had earlier this month with Jeffrey Hamelman.

Not only is Jeffrey an acclaimed teacher and Certified Master Baker. Not only has he written the best book on bread baking in English (so far at least.) Not only did he compete for Team USA at the Coupe du Monde. And not only did he start the baking centre at King Arthur Flour. But most importantly, Jeffrey Hamelman is a very, very, VERY nice man.

I’ve been lucky enough to chat briefly with Jeffrey over the years, via email or a quick lunch at WheatStalk, but this time I got to sit down and really dig into his remarkable life and career, from finally convincing his first boss to hire him, to learning the craft and eventually teaching bakers on six continents.

This episode is one of the real highlights of Rise Up! so far. It was a dream when I first started the podcast but I have to say the actual chat was even better than I imagined. Enjoy!

You can listen this and all past episodes on the Rise Up! website, using the handy player below or wherever fine podcasts are available.