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How Do I Order?

That's a really good question! Since we're still in start up mode and don't have a commercial space yet, we can't offer our bread to the general public. But that doesn't mean you can't ask!

Get On The "Order" List

Email me at []( Add Me!) and if I know you, I'll add you to our weekly email list, where we tell you about what we're baking and when it's available. If we don't know you we need to talk a bit more before I can add you to the order list, but I'll keep you on an update list so I can let you know when we're expanding.

Place an Order

Each week I'll post the Weekly Features and bake schedule on this site as well as email it to the "Order" list. We take orders via [email]( Bread Order) or by phone [redacted]

Pickup or Delivery?

Your bread is available for pickup between 3:00PM and 6:00PM on bake days. We can deliver if needed after 6:30PM on bake days if you call us and arrange delivery ahead of time. There is a small charge for delivery depending on where you live (southwest is best, the rest is a little tougher.)