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Orange Boot Week 2: The Adventure Continues

Thank you to everyone who ordered Orange Boot Bread last week. It was a great pleasure to bake for you. I know of one batch that made it to Saskatoon and another went to Calgary; I hope your bread complemented whatever Thanksgiving meal you had, wherever you had it.

This week we're introducing two new loaves which I think you'll enjoy:

  • 500g Ciabatta: This is one of my favorite little loaves with a paper thin crust and amazing taste. The rustic shape makes it as visually appealing as it is tasty. ($3.00)
  • 700g Multigrain: This complex loaf has it all - wheat bran, corn meal, oats and even some brown rice. A little honey and brown sugar provide a touch of sweetness too. This loaf makes the best toast ever! ($3.50)

We're back to our regular Friday bakes after the long weekend -- please order by 6PM on Wednesday by sending an email to []( 12 Bread Order) or calling (306) 522-1592. Your bread will be ready for pickup between 3PM and 6PM on Friday, October 12. If you need the bread delivered I can do that after 8:00PM Friday but please call to arrange for delivery.

One note: We're doing some renovations on the preparation area this week. While our contractors do great work they are a little loose on dates, which might throw a wrench into the Friday bake schedule. We'll contact you directly if there is any issue with your order.