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Let's Bake Together at Schoolhaus

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My friend Aimee Schulhauser is a busy, busy lady.  It’s not enough that she is one of Regina’s most sought after party and event caterers and she already owns one of Regina’s best lunch spots. Now Aimee wants to turn you into a kick-ass cook too!

After teaching over 300 cooking classes after hours in her catering kitchen, Aimee has opened Schoolhaus Culinary Arts in the basement under Tangerine.  She’s got a fully outfitted kitchen and they are running a series of short, entertaining cooking classes nearly every night of the week.  The new kitchen is perfect for small group cooking parties too.

Many of the classes are taught by  Aimee and her lead instructor Mariana Brito.  But Aimee is also rounding up a group of local chefs, restaurateurs, and yes, bakers to share their knowledge at Schoolhaus too.

Bakers, you say?  That’ right!  I’ll be teaching one of the first classes at Schoolhaus, titled “Artisan Bread at Home” on the afternoon of Saturday, February 15th.  It’s going to be a jam packed class with a good mix of theory, hands on baking and lots and lots of bread tasting too.

One of the major differences from the Schoolhaus class and the classes we’ve run at Orange Boot is that we’ll be focused on how to bake the best bread possible using the tools you have at home.  That means no spiral mixers, no steam injected deck ovens, no 26” long proof boards.  But we’ll have our wits and our senses and that will get the job done!

Space is very limited for this class so if you’re interested, please sign up now!